FarmSelect User Survey

Thank you for using FarmSelect!

Remember. FarmSelect is just getting started, and currently models only single field comparisons for five types of grains. We want your feedback on the current version of the tool, and hope you will also vote on what you would like to see in future versions, including whole-farm comparisons of two organic systems, or an organic versus conventional whole farm; the modeling of fruit, vegetables and livestock systems; multi-year crop rotation modeling, and a five-year modeling of the economics of transitioning to organic on your farm.

So, please take a few moments to tell us what you think. What we learn will allow us to serve you better!

1) Please use the form below to share your opinions, suggestions, and recommendations to improve FarmSelect.
2) How did you hear about FarmSelect?
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3) What are the main reasons you decided to try FarmSelect?
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About the current version of FarmSelect

4) Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following aspects of the current version of FarmSelect:
1 Very Satisfied 2 3 4 Average 5 6 7 Very dissatisfied
Visual appeal
Ease of navigation
Ease of understanding
Credibility of data and calculations
Amount of information
Accuracy of information
5) Based on your needs, how important are the following features of the current version of FarmSelect and how satisfied are you with their functionality?

Importance Satisfaction
Very Important Somewhat Important Marginally Important Not Important Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Marginally Satisfied Not Satisfied
Automatic display of real, current prices
Ability to add my own numbers
Ability to compare organic with conventional
Ability to compare 2 organic crop systems
Automatic county yield data based on zipcode
Ability to edit my farm budget numbers
The pop-up boxes that tell me where the numbers come from
Ability to calculate sales as a % organic
6) Are there any features of the current version of FarmSelect you would like us to change?
[Choose one]

6a) If yes, please tell us what we can improve.
7) What do you like the most about the current version of FarmSelect?
8) What do you like the least about the current version of FarmSelect?

About future versions of FarmSelect

9) Please rate your interest in each of the following features we plan to include in a more advanced version of the tool:
Extremely interested Somewhat interested Neutral Not very interested Not at all interested
Model 5-year organic rotation compared to conventional
Model economics of transitioning to organic
Model weather impact on yields in conventional vs. organic systems
Add crop insurance calculations
Add crop support payments to the model
Model manure-based organic systems
Model and compare systems that include livestock
Model livestock enterprises with intensive pasture management

10) What cash crops, cover crops, farm enterprises, on-farm processing and other value-adding efforts should be added?
11) Are there any features you would like us to add to FarmSelect?
[Choose one]

11a) If yes, please tell us what we are missing.

Overall Satisfaction

12) Would you use FarmSelect again?
[Choose one]

12a) Please explain.
13) Would you recommend FarmSelect to a friend? [Choose one]

13a) Please tell us why.
14) What would make it more likely for you to use FarmSelect again? Please explain below.
15) Overall, how would you rate the usefulness of FarmSelect to farmers interested in transitioning to organic, and to agriculture educators teaching organic methods?
Extremely useful Somewhat useful Not sure Not very useful Not useful at all
Agriculture educators

General Information

16) What is your occupation?
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17) Are you:

18) What category best describes your age?
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19) State of residence in the United States.
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20) Country of residence if different from the United States.
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