About The New Farm®

The Rodale Institute®, a global leader in regenerative agriculture, is devoted to innovative agriculture research, outreach and training through The New Farm® programs. The Institute works with people worldwide to achieve a regenerative food system that renews and improves environmental and human health, working with the philosophy that "Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People ®.”

The Institute’s web site, www.NewFarm.org reaches a global community of food producers to exchange valuable “farmer-to-farmer know-how.” NewFarm.org presents expert resources for crop and livestock production, direct marketing, local food systems, policy campaigns and community-building collaborations. NewFarm.org is an electronic magazine covering the successes and challenges of organic and sustainable farming nationwide and beyond. At NewFarm.org, the mission is to inform, encourage, equip and inspire farmers with the support they need to take the important transition steps toward regenerative agriculture.

Our Content Streams
-- Sustainable ag production (soil, crops, livestock, pest management, pasture-based systems and processing issues).
-- Sustainable ag research in cover crops, ecological benefits of organic systems, market creation, new food crops for emerging ethnic groups, specialty grains.
-- Marketing and rural development based on farmers' markets innovations, wholistic rural development, insights from the newest generation of producer co-ops.
-- New tools for farmers, including organic wholesale prices and a farm locator.
-- Food systems development (local and regional food efforts that keep profits on-farm as much as possible).

Our People
Greg Bowman, managing editor (formerly with The New Farm® magazine, writer and ag editor of daily newspapers and how-to books on cover crops and weed control).

Dan Sullivan, senior editor (formerly with Organic Gardening magazine, editor of daily and weekly newspapers and reporter for environmental issues).

Amanda Kimble-Evans, assistant editor (former organic lifestyle editor and writer).

Our Support
www.NewFarm.org is operated by The Rodale Institute®, which seeks to advance regenerative agriculture worldwide through donations from generous individuals, private foundations, public funds and international groups.

“Farmer-to-farmer know-how from The Rodale Institute®”