Dear New Farm Reader, In lieu of our regular February update, the New Farm team has news and a promise for you.

We are deep into integrating the rich content streams you've come to expect from with our parent organization's website at The Rodale Institute. When the designing and re-arranging is done, we will present you with a dynamic new site that will be more fun, easier to use and give you more of what you need to farm well.

The new site will showcase the many ways that organic and sustainable agriculture pose solutions to the challenges of climate change, poor nutrition and famine. We want to present a more powerful assertion that the benefits of regenerative agriculture—for farmers as well as their customers, neighbors and fellow citizens—are critical for our common future health, welfare, environment and economy.

You say it's too daunting to think about keeping your farm running and saving the world? Your good stewardship is saving the world, and our new site will back you up. You keep on farming with innovation and enterprise, and we’ll do our best to bring you the credit, compensation and respect it takes to be sustainable in agriculture.

We'll continue to provide the fresh stories, news, farmer-centered resources and online tools you know and trust. We’ll update you on the roll-out of our Organic Transition Course and related new online tools. We will also bring you new features, more practical research and new opportunities to influence the rules, regs and budgets shaping your agricultural future.

The New Farm team is busily working on new articles for the launch and you can expect to see the updated design in the weeks ahead when you check back. We'll be bringing forward our most-useful archive material (from back to our start in October 2002) little-by-little so, please, feel free to contact us if there is an article you're looking for but can’t find during the transition period.

Change is good, in this case, and we think you'll like what’s coming. Until then, continue to visit us at

Keep farming.

Greg Bowman, managing editor
Dan Sullivan
, senior editor
Amanda Kimble-Evans
, assistant editor

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