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Hello. What a difference a month makes—for the worse for the storm-ravaged Midwest, for the drier in the Southeast and southern California, but for the better here in the Mid-Atlantic as farmers ventured out onto unusually cool May soils.

Antibiotics in organics: The energy, time and emotion already expended in debating nearly all aspects of the USDA National Organic Program show that for all it may or may not accomplish, the nation’s farmers, eaters and other observers talking about it desperately care what organic means.

A new chapter in this debate is unfolding as a prominent veterinarian calls for change to allow strictly limited antibiotic use for the good of the cows. He maintains that the North American organic community cares too much about marketing a perfect image for organic dairy—and must shift its focus to care more about cows, instead.

The goal—when the livestock standards were hammered out prior to October 2002—was to have organic dairy cattle so healthy that the rare animals treated with an antibiotic should be banished from the milking herd. That’s the rule, and it’s not good for cows or farmers—or for eaters who might come to believe antibiotics can be so nearly banned in organic dairy without significant costs to cow comfort, farmer conscience and organic integrity.

According to the organic dairyman who represented all dairy producers in Canada in negotiating their new organic standard, this strict limitation isn’t even necessary in 2007, given increased consumer concern for responding to animal welfare.

Many thanks: From Mexico, The Philippines, New Zealand and Japan; from four Canadian provinces; from many of the lower 48 and Hawaii, nearly 100 generous readers contributed almost $5,500 in our first-ever fund drive this spring. We’ll accept whatever else comes in over summer, and launch our “Celebrate the harvest” effort this fall to tackle the balance in our $20,000 reader-support goal for 2007 to keep strong.

Now, go farm and enjoy the foods of the season wherever you are.

Greg Bowman
Managing Editor

PS: For the curious and competitive among you, the states tied for the most donors this spring were California, Maryland, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, each with six gifts from farms, companies, nonprofits or individuals. Thanks to all.


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