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Dear New Farm Reader,

We’re delighted to see that you are reading us this spring—and that almost 60 of you have been generous in donating nearly $3,200 to the first time we asked. This is a big step for us on the road to our spring goal of $20,000 by May 1. Contributing at the suggested level of $50 will help us to build a solid foundation for the year.

We’re grateful for each reader who has elected to come with us and all those who vow to support us as they can. This appeal is to the thousands of you who are enjoying us, and still deciding how to let us know we matter to you.

It’s humbling to know we are important enough that you would send us dollars over tax time and spring planting. If this is your best season to pitch in, you can give now to beat our May 1 deadline for our debut 2007 “sowing seeds” spring fund-raiser.

The staff is busy pulling together our May update of stories on organic dairy health, organic vegetable pioneering in Florida and CSA life. These monthly fresh editions of our homepage are the focus of our effort to present what we believe you want to read about. Keep us informed as you keep us going with your interest, attention and support.

We continue to work with other departments at The Rodale Institute to create our “transition to organic” online course designed to give conventional farmers a realistic understanding of the potential and learning curve of meeting the USDA organic standards. We’re also helping farm manager Jeff Moyer create a farmer-centered video on using the no-till roller/crimper that has been so well received by farmers of all types across the country.

If it helps to place a value on what means to you, think of your contribution as a subscription to a webzine that nurtures a vital community of leaders and learners in sustainable and organic agriculture.

In the midst of your many duties, joys and necessary obligations, please take time to donate generously to The seeds you sow will continue to grow the resilient local and organic food system our nation—and our world—needs so much.

Talk to us.
Support us.

Keep sowing,
Greg Bowman

Managing editor

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