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It’s been our pleasure to present to you—and the world—since August 2002. We’ve delivered stories, images, news and research findings that give you a deeper feel for what’s happening and what’s possible in regenerative agriculture.

We’re excited about the year ahead. Here at The Rodale Institute, we’re working with other departments to complete an online “transition to organic” course… we’re helping farm manager Jeff Moyer create a no-till roller/crimper video to promote this promising tool… we’re eager to bring you fresh research results on healthy soil, cover crops and compost use.

How do we pay for all this? The Rodale Institute receives a variety of income streams to carry out specific projects., however, has no designated funding for 2007 and beyond. We’re looking to change that, as of today, with several initiatives, starting with:

1. Your donations. If we are a valuable resource to you, please invest in our present and future with your donations to meet our first fundraising goal of $20,000.

We plan to mount spring and fall fund drives to coincide with planting and harvest. Give during the planning and planting season—that would be now—if we are an essential information and inspiration input. Give during the fall to celebrate the benefit you receive by being part of the community. If you are able—and want to help us bring new features like streaming video on board—give generously both times… and in between.

To start your giving, planned or unplanned, click here.

We’re looking for 400 of our stalwart supporters to give $50 each to hit $20,000—and those of you who are really happy to know that we are seeking direct user support can send lots more. Your dollars pay for freelance contributions from around the country, let us tell the compelling stories of New Agriculture and help us maintain website tools that support sustainable farmers.

Want to mail your gift? OK with us. Just print off the online donation form and mail with your check to: The Rodale Institute, Box NFD-1, 611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown, PA 19503.

2. Identity ads. We know there are successful businesses and nonprofits that benefit from our work. Their staff, leadership and customers work from values and a vision borne from the electronic pages of and the thousands of saved copies of our pioneering parent publication, The New Farm magazine (1979-1995). We’re still working on the internal logistics, but watch for this opportunity soon to lend organizational strength to the journalistic outreach of The Rodale Institute. The concept: Post a logo linked to a greeting customized for users or to a homepage.

3. Fee for commercial service. Like our content mix of stories, columns and photos, the majority of our classified categories will remain available without charge to users. We may begin charging for items in the “For Sale” section, using sub-categories of property, commercial products/services, new equipment and farm-raised products/farmer-based items to vary the reasonable fees. We’ll hold off on this until we see how the donations come in.

These three overtures are the simplest, most elegant ways we can think of to translate the enthusiasm for our work that you relate to us when you write or see us at conferences. Your donation today will send a critical message to the three of us who create fresh each update; the staff and leadership of the institute, who keep research and training happening; and our board members, who are currently in the midst of fashioning a new strategic plan for the Institute.

Your contribution toward the goal of raising our first $20,000 by May 1 will determine how we proceed to fund our work that is critically needed to grow more regenerative farmers. We want to continue to send out “farmer-to-farmer know-how from The Rodale Institute” to readers throughout the food chain.

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Greg Bowman
managing editor

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