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Hello. Some things happen in plain sight long before they suddenly make a big difference—things like ethanol production boosting the price of corn. There’s also the years of farmer innovation leading up to the reporting of no-till roller research from seven states appearing in this issue. While this is the fifth year we’ve been trying to roll down cover crops at The Rodale Institute, for most of our research partners it was Year 1, with lots of learning going on and things to figure out.

It’s truly our privilege to bring words from some young people thinking deeply about agriculture. We bid farewell to one of our research interns, but not before he posits some challenging goals for organics, including this: It’s time to progress to a definition of organic that goes beyond what it’s not, and expresses more clearly what it is. We welcome the insights of a farming couple after their first year leasing land at The Rodale Institute farm. They share three unusual but very farmer-oriented ways of measuring high levels of soil health.

Thanks to all of you who write to share your praises and disagreements with what you see here. There’s some spirited dialogue this week about on-farm goat slaughter and why it’s forbidden in some states even with running water and ice, while hunters’ casual field dressing is not. There’s also dissenting words on whether organic seed companies should be supported even if they aren’t yet providing the regionally adapted seeds that organic farmers really want.

This year-end issue is packed with other farmer angles as well, from sustainably taming hemi-parasitic weeds in Mali, West Africa, to nurturing ancient wheat in Israel-Palestine, to learning how Iowa farmers are trying to use online information, food distributors and sustainable contracts to strengthen direct marketing. Take time as December ends to share yourself with those who make your life rich and full, and share a few words with us about farming life and times where you are.

Greg Bowman
Online Editor


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Scientists and West African farmers learn together how to manage a devastating weed—and how to integrate agricultural science into a treacherous farming environment.
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By combining data streams on people, location, income and business activity, farmers learn where to focus their marketing efforts for sustainable connections.
First-season, firsthand, soil-health indicators
What well-fed, biologically active soil looks, feels and yields like.
Reader Mail
You ask, we answer. Questions from all of you answered by all our expert contacts; from Jeff Moyer (our farm manager) to worm gurus, to other farmers.

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Corn producers who feared the end of subsidies in global trade talks face charge of making consumers choose “fuel or food.”

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Farmer and researcher collaborators take stock of what worked and what didn’t and prepare for improvement in 2007.
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He’s gotta wear shades
Departing intern looks toward his own future and the future of organics.
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