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Hello [name]. Looking for the latest information on sustainable practices in agriculture? If so, attend The Rodale Institute annual field day this July 21, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania!

Seeking Agricultural Solutions for a
Sustainable World Field Day

Friday July 21, 2006
9:30 AM to 3:30 PM
The Rodale Institute Experimental Farm, Kutztown, PA

This event, co-sponsored by The Rodale Institute, USDA/CSREES and Penn State University, will feature field activities demonstrating the latest research findings from The Rodale Institute and Penn State University covering:

1. Biologically-based weed management.
2. No-till planting systems and equipment.
3. On-farm nutrient management through compost production and use.
4. Varietal selections of soybeans and corn for organic production.
5. Use of cover crops and rotations for improved soil quality.
6. Mechanical weed management tools and techniques.

The field day will integrate different disciplines and approaches including basic science, applied research and field applications of innovative agricultural practices and tools.

Our goal is to increase awareness of sustainable agriculture systems by demonstrating innovative sustainable and organic agricultural practices to farmers, extension specialists and other agriculture and natural resources professionals. The event will be a platform for scholars, researchers, farmers, extension specialists and other agriculture and natural resources professionals to network and share their experiences in research and practical field applications.

Click here to register online. Or, call 610-683-6009 to register by phone.

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