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Hello. We’ve cooked up a fresh batch of farm news and stews for you to enjoy before, during or after your holiday break. Taste from these offerings:

  • Traditional crops, communal work events and a keen entrepreneurial spirit characterize a husband-wife organic farm in Taos, New Mexico – complete with their own restaurant.
  • The fields are frozen but food is still flowing from this New Jersey CSA. Managing humidity and temperature lets the farmers provide a second season of root crops and squash supplemented by fresh greenhouse produce.
  • Women in Senegal’s rural villages are often key to soil erosion management projects that are critical to restoring productive capacity during dry times.
  • A training course and work experience with a master organic dairyman helped a Wisconsin farmworker transition to farming on his own. He's pleased with his start in pasture-based dairying made with the active help of his wife and family.
  • Learn what farmers are looking for in seed development, and the big questions that should be shaping the crop varieties that will be sustainable in the future.
  • Find out how farmers are acquiring land access through partnering with CSA members and a local land trust, helped along by a $25,000 anonymous gift and a vision for “safe vegetables grown on a beautiful organic farm.”
  • And more…Fresh today from The New Farm...

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Greg Bowman
Online Editor


Fresh today from The New Farm®
Ultimate season extension
Genesis Farm in northern New Jersey offers a 50-week CSA. And they're not done diversifying yet.
Taos pueblo couple farms and cooks in the old ways that work
Farming sustainability in the way of their grandfathers, this Taos pueblo farming couple shares traditional food and flavor in their restaurant.
Training boosts pasture-dairy start-up
Couple starts pasture-based dairy thanks to low-entry cost, family support and farmer-based training.
Preserving Peacework: a long-term alternative to farm ownership
Long-time CSA farmer and author writes first-hand about how her CSA secured its farm in perpetuity through the vehicle of a land trust.
National organics board welcomes six new members
The National Organic Standards Board got its first executive director and welcomed new certifier, consumer and producer members this week.
Seeds and Breeds
Farmers and researchers outline the need for farmer and public involvement in seed breeding.
Reader Mail
You ask, we answer. Questions from all of you answered by all our expert contacts; from Jeff Moyer, our farm manager, to worm gurus, to other farmers.

at the rodale institute

sustainable in senegal
Seydou Diémé, soil
conservationist, Théis

Women often provide the most hands when rural communities construct stone erosion barriers to conserve and restore adequate soil moisture for sustainable cropping.


one farm to another
Poring over catalogs, making wish lists
Decisions about next year's seed orders can make a big difference for your farm--and for the organic community as a whole.

dr. paul's research perspectives
New reasons to perfect organic no-till
USDA study finds conventional no-till is no panacea when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions.
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