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Hello. We’re slimming down our stories to bring you more information in less reading time and there's a rich harvest of cropping innovations to share in this update:

  • Peanut farmers and researchers in the Southeast are teaming up to figure out how to beat the persistent weeds of the region to go organic . . .
  • Here in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, see how creative cover-crop combinations of grains and legumes with fall-planted forage radishes mellow-up packed driveways and bring crop benefits in fields . . .
  • Visit a local farmer-researcher as he seeded his hairy vetch earlier this fall to prepare for organic no-till corn experiments next spring . . .
  • The latest installment in our “Sustainable in Senegal” series highlights an entrepreneur using regionally purchased bisaab blossoms to make popular beverages . . .
  • Check out the beginning of our coverage of organics in Italy, where farmers are coming to terms with leaner subsidies and the unique marketing challenges in a food-loving country . . .
  • And more . . . Fresh today from The New Farm!

We write. And we listen. Let us know if you’ve got a production insight or marketing experience to share to fuel our “farmer-to-farmer” exchange.

Read on!
Greg Bowman
Online Editor


Fresh today from The New Farm®
Are they nuts? Southern researchers and farmers tackle organic peanuts
High demand for full-flavored organic peanuts drives new collaboration to surmount weed, disease and processing challenges in the Southeast.
sustainable in senegal
Madame Sall, juice and syrup
entrepreneur, Dakar

Buying directly from farmers boosts quality and consumer demand, but small-scale processor struggles to expand her place in the market.
Cover-cropping guru Steve Groff champions fall-planted forage radish mixes to renovate field lanes
Interplanting with oats boosts erosion control with radish’s “biotilling” and weed suppressing abilities, while adding clover or vetch can provide nitrogen for following crops.

organic dairy herd health
The fundamentals of dry cow management
Dairy cows are subject to natural dips in immune system functioning that need to be taken into consideration when evaluating herd health and treatment.


The EU's organic tiger
In Italy, ancient farming traditions, a richly varied terrain and strong government support have yielded exceptional growth for organics, but many challenges remain.

The constellation of organic values
Organic farming isn't value-added, Jim Riddle argues: it's value-based. From soil quality to rural community, Jim explains the values inherent in organic agriculture's production and management system.

Another world at Essex Farm
One family’s visit to a year-’round CSA changes their relationship to food for the better.

Reader Mail
You ask, we answer. Questions from all of you answered by all our expert contacts; from Jeff Moyer, our farm manager, to worm gurus, to other farmers.

at the rodale institute
Pennsylvania farmer links organic, conventional farming communities
No-Till+ project cooperator Kirby Reichert grows no-till corn, organic hay and specialty rye straw, among other crops—and keeps an open mind.

one farm to another
Before you plant that first seed…
Season's end is a good time to think about alternative marketing strategies, Jeff says.

dr. paul's research perspectives
Feed the soil, not the plant
Organic farming challenges centuries of scientific thinking with regard to plant nutrition—but the proof is in the results.
South Korean sustainable ag students lend a hand
This past summer, The Rodale Institute® was proud to host a group of volunteer interns from the Department of Agronomy at Gyeongsang National University in the Republic of Korea.
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