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Hello. I'd like to announce a great new opportunity for an editor and writer with strong agricultural background. We are seeking an experienced journalist and manager for a full-time, 3-year temporary assignment position here at The New Farm, funded by the USDA's Risk Management Agency.. We'll need someone who can shepherd two large projects to completion over a three-year period. These projects include development of an online training course in transitioning to organic, and development of a simulation tool that will allow farmers to evaluate the economic benefits of transitioning to organic.
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This position is available because of two grants we've received from the USDA totally more than $3 million. The grants will allow us to expand the OPX to 13 new markets and develop the two tools described above. If you'd like more details on the grants, click here.

We've updated the bookstore again. We've added dozens of new books in the last week, two new reviews, and 16 staff recommends for books we'd like to give to friends and family. Check out the bookstore homepage, and we encourage you to take advantage of our reader review feature at the bottom of each book entry and share your thoughts about a book with other readers.
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--Chris Hill, Executive Editor

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When Moopheus speaks, factory farms tremble
(See "Meatrix" below for more.)


Fresh today from The New Farm®

Letter from NY

As rural communities, and entire farm states collapse under the current farming system, we must urgently consider how we can make organic agriculture the norm … not just a niche option, says Mary-Howell Martens.


At What Cost?

"The Meatrix" casts an eat-sustainable message across the Internet
An animated MATRIX spoof uses humor to educate the uninitiated about factory farms. 2 million visited it in the first 3 weeks. Check it out and you’ll understand why.
  The Meatrix
UNEARTHED GEM! Iowa ag economist makes dispassionate—and utterly convincing—economic case against GM crops before a hostile crowd

In his address before the American Seed Trade Association in 2001 titled “Who Benefits from Biotechnology?” Michael Duffy proved resoundingly that it certainly is not the farmer who uses that technology.
  Michael Duffy

For the beginning grower
Winter Harvest: Making up for a rough summer
Turning the “off-season” chill into a ringing till. Tips for winter long sales from a variety of cut flower gurus.

  Cut Flowers

Shumei Natural Agriculture:
Farming to create heaven on earth
Hyogo: Nobuaki Nakayasu

Amid an industrial landscape on a reclaimed coastland, a Natural Agriculture farmer mellows his soil with care

Nobuaki Nakayasu has it far worse than most farmers, cramped on his small plot in a suburban nightmare. Yet gradually and patiently over the past 6 years, a farm has bloomed in Himeji.


Natural Agriculture


Jeff’s making his lists and checking them twice …
… mostly because he can’t believe how much has to get done this winter to be ready for next season.
  Jeff Moyer


We've sent writers to conferences in Washington, Iowa, Montana, Delaware, Vermont and South Carolina ... so far. We'll be covering conferences in 15 other states in the next three months. Here's some of the early crop of gleanings from these conferences:

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Conf.,
Nov. 7-9, Rock Hill, SC
Making sure rotation and cover crops carry their load
If you do it right, cover crops can help control pests, generate cash and insure soil fertility. Chris Bickers attended a variety of workshops at South Carolina's CSFA conference to get the latest on small grain varieties that work in the south, tips for selecting cover crops that control insects, and the basics of cover crop management.

Biodynamic Farming Conference,
Nov. 14 to 16, Ames IA

Fred Kirschenmann addresses the
disappearing middle

How do we sustain an economic future for critical mid-sized farms? The director of the Leopold Center told a biodynamic conference crowd that we must to reward farmers adequately … and farmers must be more creative in building relationships with customers.

Future of Our Farms Summit,
Wilmington, DE, Dec. 4-5

Expanding farm-to-school programs create opportunities for farmers … and children
Although it’s a market fraught with challenges, schools and colleges are an important outlet for local producers … and an opportunity to shape future consumers.

Washington Tilth Producers Conf.,
Nov 7-9 Bellingham, WA

Part 3 of 3: National Organic Program updates and clarifications
Washington State organic program rep Miles McEvoy reviews the rules on mating disruption pheromones, compost, compost tea, livestock feed and international compliance … and voices a few concerns.


South Carolina





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