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For last 10 months we've been promising a book store featuring all the greatest ag and environment books, and now it's finally here, with easy online ordering, just in time for the holidays. There are already close to 1600 entries, and we'll be adding new books and new reviews on a weekly basis. Browse by categories, or use our fantastic new search field to look by author, title or keyword ... and take advantage of our reader review feature, at the bottom of each book entry, to share your thoughts about a book with other readers.

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Part 2 of Susanna's Costa Rican Sojourn (see
below for more)


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Part 2 of 3: Smart tools for small farms … and other gleanings from the Washington Tilth conference

Correspondent Don Lotter brings back tips on hand flame weeders, mustard cover crops, seed production and restaurant sales from four different workshops at the conference.




Susanna’s Costa Rican Sojourn:
Part 2, San Isidro del General

A small-scale forest farm bucks the local trend to level forests and monocrop for quicker cash

On a nine-acre farm on the southeast quadrant of Costa Rica, two Hawaiian transplants gather local wisdom and traditional plant varieties from older farmers while modeling the benefits of biodiversity for a younger generation


Costa Rica




Angelic Organics manages the economics
of a 1,000-member CSA

The owners of the Illinois-based CSA shared their mission statement, organizational chart and business plans with attendees at the recent Biodynamic Farming Conference in Ames, Iowa


Angelica Organics




Support the Farm to School program now
Senator Arnold Spector (R-PA) will now join Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) in his fight to bring locally grown products into school cafeteria across the nation. This new bill is S. 1755, the Farm to Cafeteria Projects Act.

Latest Campaign developments:

Conservation Security Program receives full funding

December 1, 2003: Farmers won a major victory last week when Congress voted to include 41 million for the Conservation Security Program (CSP) in a 2004 appropriations bill.

Country-of-orgin-labeling postponed for 2 years
Country-of-origin-labeling for meats, fruits and vegetables found what will probably be its final demise in appropriation committee. In a deal struck late last week the committee voted to postpone implementation for 2 years.


Farm to School

CSP Update

COOL Postponed


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