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Two new columnists!


Hello. New Farm® magazine's longest serving editor joins us today with a monthly column on high-value farming. You'll find the first two parts of a three part analysis of American farming by sustainability advocate John Ikerd . . . and much, much more.

Fresh today from The New Farm

Real tales of high value farming!
Long-time New Farm® magazine editor George DeVault joins us today with the first in a series of monthly columns featuring practical advice and hard-earned knowledge about diversification, direct marketing and selecting, producing, processing and marketing high-value crops.

George's column

Institute farm manager Jeff Moyer chimes in
You should Jeff Moyer on the organic revival circuit, under the tent at field days thumping his soil samples like a fevered old-time preacher. He's a natural born talker, and in this new monthly column he shares his thoughts and observations about life on the 333-acre Rodale Institute research farm, where he's been farm manager going on 27 years now.

From one farm to another

Farm Economy State of the Union Address
On Nov. 9, sustainable ag guru John Ikerd gave the keynote address to the Tilth Producers conference in Yakima, Washington. His talk, "The Family Farm on the Cutting Edge," provides an incisive analysis of industrial agriculture and the emergence of what he calls "the New American farmer."

Part 1: The logical consequences of industrial agriculture

Part 2: A growing interest in sustainable farming


Pioneers of Iowa Sustainable Agriculture, Part 3:
Vic & Cindy Madsen focus on the customer in their diversified, direct market-oriented operation in southwestern Iowa.

  The Madsens

The Final Word from Alan Guebert
December 2, 2002: The benefits of country of origin labels; free trade for Aussie beef means more grief for U.S. cattlemen; with lack of competition, food multinationals all set to gouge us at the plate.
November 22, 2002: Maybe the U.S trade rep should check with U.S. farmers before promising their support of a free trade agreement with the Aussies. And maybe the last two years in Congress weren't a total loss for agriculture.


December 2, 2002

November 22, 2002


Brenda Cochran runs a dairy hotline, answering calls from desperate dairy farmers. In "Dispatches from Dairyland," she shares stories and insights from the raw edge of dairy disaster
December 3, 2002: With the prices farmers get, they ought to report a theft when their milk is picked up.
November 26, 2002: Why dairy farmers feel angry and abandoned. Plus, national hotlines and grassroots dairy advocacy groups to contact.

December 3, 2002

November 26, 2002


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