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The New Farm® staff has been busy adding stories and resources to the site, and some of the recent highlights are described below.

We're also working hard to develop new features and services: discussion forums, a book store, online training programs and more. As new services are ready to go, we'll let you know.

Fresh today from The New Farm

Raising happy hogs and standing up to factory farms
A dynamic resource page full of strategies for shifting profits back to the family farm by respecting livestock, land and communities. You'll find:
  • 5 stories about marketing values-added hogs
  • Articles outlining the economic and environmental impact of factory hog farms
  • Detailed descriptions of systems that fit the farm to the hog, for healthy, happy hogs
  • Accounts of communities saying no to factory farms
  • . . . and you'll even hear about a musical in progress -- a lyrical account of what happens when factory farms come to town.

The Pig Page


A new series on sustainable Iowa trailblazers
Tom Frantzen and his family lead off our series, "Iowa Pioneers of Sustainable Farming." The series tells the stories of four leading farm families who helped shape the Practical Farmers of Iowa . . . and the way America farms.

  The Frantzen Farm

High on hogs
Hundreds of activists, hog marketers and farmers will rally at Hog Summit 2003 in PA. Learn more about this third annual summit, previous events in IA and NC.

  The Hog Summit
Bold voice from the heartland
Check out synidicated ag journalist Alan Guebert's no-nonsense look at ag policy in the US and around the world. Each week in The Final Word, Guebert delivers his analysis of news that independent farmers need.
  The Final Word
Reports from the farm front
News: The latest on GM0s, pesticide risks, agribiz profits and certification woes. Research: The downsides of fungicides and Roundup.
  News & Research
Zap pests with cover crops in strategic rotations
First in an ongoing series about how sequencing crops can beat weeds, confuse bugs and keep disease at bay.
  Crop rotations with
cover crops
Getting deeper into Chicken Day at the Salatin Farm
The well-orchestrated frenzy of open-air poultry processing keeps dollars at home for Joel & family.
  Chicken Day, Part 2
Canadians see holes in armor of conventional ag
Commodity agriculture's ability to dominate has been undercut, says Ontario farm group spokesman.
  Letter from Ontario
Keeping the "family" first in family farming
A VA farm broadcaster reflects on the price of putting the farm before marriage.
  Farm marriage travail

Writings to get your juices flowing

  • Ann Clark envisions the future of farming
  • The Gulf's deadzone: the smoking gun of industrial agriculture
  • Tropical odyssey yields 5 key principles of sustainable ag

Ann Clark
Gulf Deadzone
Tropical Odyssey

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