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Hello. Happy Independence Day! We wanted to get one last newsletter out to you before the 4th of July. Take a break from the seasonal grind, check out the latest updates and celebrate in true New Farm fashion. Have a safe holiday.

The Grassroots OPX is now up and running! In early June, we invited readers to help us gather prices from producer-only markets around the country. Last Friday, at the last minute, we sent off a note to our volunteers, asking them to give it a shot at the Saturday market in their area. Three were able to respond this first week. We hope to have prices from an additional 10 to 15 markets in the weeks to come. Check out the initial results by clicking here. If you're inspired, and would like to help us with this initiative, e-mail us at amanda.kimble-evans@

STILL LOOKING FOR FARMS: The Farm Locator, an easy-to-use online farm directory that lets you post information about your farm on our web site, has about 80 farms now. We’ll be promoting this new service to a broader audience soon, but urge you to take advantage of it now, and tell farmer friends about it. The more farmers who use it, the more useful it will be to the restaurants, wholesalers, retailers and consumers who use it to look for regional farm products. We hope to have 2000 farms on the directory by the end of the year. Go directly to the Farm Locator by clicking here.

Precision organic farming: A few weeks back, Mary-Howell Martens, our columnist from upstate New York, wrote about what it means to be a "precision" organic farmer. It doesn't mean GPS and onboard computers. It has something to do with better observation, longer memory, and more care and attention to details. Mary-Howell suggested a number of good ideas, and invited you to share your own ideas with us on precision farming, organic style. So this is just a reminder: Send your ideas to us now at If you'd like to check out Mary-Howell's column again, click here.

Don't forget to check out our latest Organic Price Index.


Yep, that's a snail! The grassroots citizens' group, Urban Harvest, turns brownfields into greenfields in deep in the metropolitan heart of Texas. Urban Harvest


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