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Hello. It’s here: The New Farm Locator, an easy-to-use online tool that will allow you to build a personalized web-page for your farm in minutes. Then New Farm readers will be able to search for your farm by product, marketing method, state, county and more. What does it do for you? It puts your farm on the map for families, chefs, food brokers, other farmers and farmers market operators ... anyone who wants to be your customer. Try out this incredible free tool right NOW. The more farms we have in the locator, the more useful it will be.

Also new this week for farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region: The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Page, a prototype for what we hope will eventually be a collection of regional marketing pages designed to support farmers in a given region with success stories, resource guides, how-to articles, focused regional discussion forums and more. Check out the marketing page, including our exhaustive calendar of events in the region: field days, workshops, farm tours, conferences and more.

Finally, thanks to all those who responded to our invitation to help us report on prices at producer-only farmer's markets around the country. We asked for 20 local pricing sleuths and got more than we asked for. Thanks! We’ll keep you informed on the progress of this initiative, which many of you have been asking for.

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Letter from New York
Organic Precision Farming?
For organic growers, “precision farming” doesn’t mean GPS and on-board computers. It means better observation, longer memory, and more care and attention to details, says Mary-Howell Martens. Organic farmers can’t patch up their mistakes and carelessness with chemicals. She invites you to share your own secrets of precision organic farming. We hope you’ll take her up on it.


Precision farming


New Farm JAPAN goes LIVE!
Working with our Japanese partners, Shumei Natural Agriculture, we now have a Japanese language version of the New Farm web site. It’s a scaled down version of the site—hey, it takes time to translate all those articles—but it’s an exciting model for what we hope will be New Farm.Org in a variety of languages available around the world. Tell your Japanese friends to take a look and tell us what they think.


New Farm Japan


Supplying good food to local people in a busy world

Don and Becky Kretschmann, in western PA, share the insights they've gained over 32 years of farming--including the secret to running a successful CSA. Includes a slide show!


Give us this day our daily poll
There’s a new poll in town: “If you had to choose, which of the following would you say best describes what you like most about farming?” Here’s your chance to register what keeps you going, and find out if other farmers have similar motives. Go to the home page of the web site to take the poll.
  Daily POLL

Organic & sustainable in South Jersey

Beginning in 1999, Bob Muth started transitioning acres to organic. He now has nine of his 80 acres certified organic . . . and is wondering if he should go all the way organic with his CSA, farm stand and wholesale operations.


South Jersey

Nuts & Bolts and Dreams:
A beginner’s guide to farming

The A to Z Greenhouse Growing Guide, Part II

Continuing his series on greenhouse added-value production, Don Devault talks about how to grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in your hoophouse without them going to riot and rot.
  Greenhouse guide

His farm isn’t quite an acre . . .
but this ‘small farmer’ makes it work

After investing a whole lot of elbow grease and making his fair share of mistakes, Scott Kuntzer does more with less and makes a decent living. He sells direct to restaurants in the upscale New Hope, PA, a historic tourist town on the Delaware River.


From One Farm to Another

Jeff adds two new tools to his weed-eating arsenal ...

. . . and starts work on a better toilet--one that takes advantage of its own privately constructed wetlands.

Jason’s Global Organic Odyssey:
Living and learning one farm at a time

Himalayan Slide Show

In the Himalayas, the Western world has invaded, but not yet conquered. Many families still survive happily on crops and livestock tended on steeply terraced plots at high elevations. This slide show supplements the article we added two weeks ago. The link at right takes you to the full article. Look for the slide show link.


Himalayan slide show




Attention residents of New York, Missouri, Washington, Illinois, Iowa, Virginia, California, Utah, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Idaho and West Virginia

Respond by June 18 to preserve funding for the Conservation Security Program

The Conservation Security Program (CSP) is in danger of loosing its strength and it needs congressional support NOW! Congress will be meeting next week to vote on agricultural spending priorities. If you live in one of the above states please help save CSP use our simple 3 step process to urge your congress person to support this innovative new program.

  Action alert


New on the New Farm Forums

Join in any of the discussion forums by clicking here. Below are some of the more recent entries:

  • Compost Tea Forum: Can kelp, as a foliar spray, be a partial substitute for compost tea by helping promote a healthy community of bacteria?
  • Women in Ag Forum: A woman in eastern PA converts her family’s crop land to pasture, and says most people support her hard effort ... except for a few traditional male neighbors. Anyone out there with a similar experience?
  • Dairy Forum: A couple starting small with milk cows shares books and web resources that helped them get started.
  • Transitioning to Organic Forum: A new farmer is looking to transition 7 acres of conventional cropland to organics, and is looking for advice and resources.
  • Sustainable Hog Production Forum: Jim Riddle, the New Farm Certification Answer Team chair, gives someone the advice they requested on guidelines for organic hog production.

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  • Lots of new news items
  • A new Final Word column from Alan Guebert
  • A “Gleanings” essay on Kenya’s entry into the cut flower and fancy food global markets
  • Dr. Don Lotter on research showing that beneficial fungi occur at much higher levels in organically managed soils.

The latest news

Final Word


Dr. Don

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