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Hello. It's tea time at New Farm. Compost tea may be causing a second Boston Tea Party in the world of organics. Is it a breeding ground for human health hazards or an ideal recipe for better yields and healthier plants? The debate on all sides is hotter than, well, the center of a compost pile, and wading through the mud-slinging may be harder than you think. Don't toss your bags of compost into Boston harbor just yet. We've got some level-headed reviews of the news and the research out there right now as well as information on where this discussion could be headed in the future.




On April 6, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Compost Tea Task Force laid out its much anticipated recommendations for the handling of compost tea. Now National Organic Program (NOP) administrators must decide which of these recommendations to insert into the Federal Register as amendments to the NOP Final Rule. New Farm senior editor, Dan Sullivan, takes a look at the debate that has been brewing in the compost tea world.
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Meanwhile, scientists have been seeking to understand the role of compost tea in agroecosystems. In the spring of 2003, The Rodale Institute™ and Pennsylvania State University launched a two-year study to gather hard data on compost tea's effectiveness for stimulating plant growth and suppressing disease, and to educate farmers and extension agents about its potential benefits--and hazards--as an organic material.
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Keep antibiotics out of organic livestock
One of the chief health claims of organic livestock is it is antibiotic-free. This point is becoming more and more significant as serious health concerns arise over antibiotic resistance in humans. At a time when the National Organic Program should be taking a strong stance on antibiotic usage it is giving in to the demands of large dairy operations by relaxing regulations.
Act today! Petition the NOP to take a strict stance on antibiotic usage for organic cattle.


Organic isn't perfect
Organic livestock rules reduce risky feeding, but tighter restrictions would improve safety.
The NOP regulation includes numerous requirements to minimize the risk that organic livestock, and livestock producing organic products, are not fed slaughter by-products. But acloser analysis of the regulation reveals some loopholes -- pathways whereby slaughter by-products, or animals fed slaughter by-products, could potentially enter organic livestock production systems. Time to close the farm gate before it's too late.

Beef producer's bid to test all its cattle for BSE denied
Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC, a privately-owned producer and processor, is threatening legal action against the U.S. Department of Agriculture over the agency's decision last week prohibiting Creekstone from voluntarily testing all of its cattle for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
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When will the online classes be available? What will the cost be?

We are working to introduce and open a food-service facility encompassing Catskills Pie Kitchen which will use mainly organically grown fruit and ingredients sourced within our region. We are seeking interested parties to contact us directly to find out how they can share in the use and growth of this project. Can you reach out to your readership?

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