Why you NEED the OPX – and why you should
support it NOW – even if you never use it!

The value is high: Nowhere else can farmers and buyers find the fresh, weekly prices that appear on NewFarm’s OPX. The growing number of listings (more crops in more places) makes the OPX more valuable tool as the prices become more useful to farm and businesses.

By having the same information as buyers, farmers can make better decisions – for this season and beyond. A stable, growing supply of organic crops is good for all parts of the organic community, from field to table.

The need is urgent: Plugging in fresh prices every week is critical to building a solid data set. It is the foundation to document the dynamics of the organic marketplace. Stronger data means a stronger, more accurate case for organics.

The USDA needs this data to build organic prices into its crop insurance program (administered by the RMA), to track the behavior of the booming organic market, and to bring traditional USDA analysis of US agriculture’s profit and loss areas up to date.

Keeping our OPX current is also important for our FarmSelect™ tool, where farmers can model returns on organic and conventional cropping choices.

We’re expanding the OPX. Many people are waiting for us to produce “historical data” from the two years we’ve done so far. We just can’t afford a “data hole” that will lower the credibility of organic market patterns.

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