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Hi. Thanks again to the hundreds of you who have sent in questions or comments. We’re reading through them and working to respond either directly or through our e-letters section or our certification Q&A. In the next month, we’ll also be adding a Q&A section where you’ll find answers to specific production and marketing questions we’ve received.

ALSO COMING BY THE WEEKEND: Our talk section will launch by the weekend, allowing you to chat with other readers in a wide variety of discussion forums. We hope you’ll participate. Let us know if you’d like to help host a forum discussion on a particular topic.

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Fresh today from The New Farm

California: Magical orchard tour

A lush, chaotic garden of fruit trees in the outback of northern California: Guru Ram Das Orchards is commercially successful, but its wild beauty is obviously inspired by the unearthly, life-long love affair its owner has with deciduous trees.


CA Orchard

Cuba: A clue to our future? Let’s hope.

On a recent trip to Cuba, sustainable ag advocate Brian Snyder sees evidence of an institutional commitment to sustainable farming that we in the U.S. can only dream of. Organic Cuba libre!

Organic Cuba


Wisconsin: Two veteran CSA farmers
launch a new column

Rich De Wilde and Linda Haley have been running a successful CSA for 11 years. Every other month they’ll share practical details on what works and doesn’t work, from production and presentation, to marketing and member retention. This month: introductions, and some initial thoughts on retention.


CSA Notebook


Switzerland: Swiss chicks got the life

Jim Riddle shares a photo essay from his recent visit to Europe. It details innovative production and packaging techniques on a medium-sized poultry farm in the Alps.


Swiss chicks



New York: How to improve profitability
through season extension

We’re not talking greenhouses here. We’re talking row covers, temporary season extension houses and frost irrigation, and it works. Paul and Sandy Arnold of Argyle, NY have done the math on it.


Season extension


New Zealand: The rise of the organic kiwi

Kiwifruit is a huge export crop for New Zealand farmers, and organic growers like Leo and Diane Whittle are leading the entire industry in raising the environmental "bar" and moving all growers closer to organic

Organic kiwi

Pennsylvania: Direct marketing isn’t about selling
... it’s about dreaming

Pennsylvania farmer Brian Moyer has years of experience selling on-farm and at farmers' markets. He shares his wisdom on how to meet the customer’s needs.


Direct marketing


Somewhere in India: Jason’s global organic odyssey

With their journey almost half over, our intrepid organic trekkers engage in a little slapstick, a little honest self-appraisal, as they reflect on the meaning of what they've experienced and observed in Laos and Thailand.


Jason's Odyssey



The Final Word

Alan Guebert on the House Ag Committee’s genetically modified oratory (GMO); the lighter side of COOL: silly talk about country of origin labelling; contradictory voices on food security and GMOs

News & research

Monsanto's license suspended in Bihar ... farmers planting more biotech corn and soybeans this year ... consumers willing to put their money where their organic mouths are ... and more


Final Word

News & research

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