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Hi. There's lots of great advice this week for experienced growers AND beginning farmers. Enjoy the feast.

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Fresh today from The New Farm

Cut Flower Business: Where to start with seeding

An amazingly detailed and practical guide to seed starting, with tips on successfully starting specific flowers, from ageratum to zinnias, celosia to statice. Melanie also answers reader questions.



Lettuce get growing: greens, that is

George Devault lays out the economic case for lettuce, and more lettuce. Then he gets down to business with seed starting tips, help with selecting varieties that work in cold, cool and hot weather, and advice on staying productive in hot weather.



Organic in Kenya

Thousands of small-scale farmers in Kenya are benefiting from efforts to create sustainable local markets. Bob Wagner reports on the successes, and the challenges facing Kenyan farmers as they try to build markets and infrastructure.




In search of the pullet that laid the golden egg

Wisconsin organic egg producer Dean Dickel talks in detail about how to build a medium scale egg operation that is economically viable. The keys? Marketing, and careful attention to cost-savings … without cutting corners.


The golden egg



Farming without subsidies? Some lessons from
New Zealand

New Zealand went cold turkey in 1984, and Kiwi farmers are thriving. Alone in the world, they have the same number of farmers they had 30 years ago. Net incomes are up. Exports are up. Can we afford not to cut the cord?


Life without subsidies


In a moment of weakness and hope, you bought
that hoophouse kit …

Did you take Don Devault to heart, and actually plunk down cash for a gothic hoophouse kit? Here’s what means for a beginning farmer … and how to build the darn thing.

Hoophouse dreams. #2

Gary Zimmer on biological weed control

Zimmer, author of The Biological Farmer, laid out the ABCs of controlling weeds through building soil, rotating crops and cultivation before a standing room only crowd at the Upper Midwest Organic Conference in late February. Here’s a summary of what he said.


Biological weed control


Buddhist monks show the way to organic in Thailand

Thailand’s Buddhist Asok movement is providing leadership in regenerative agriculture through example and training. Jason Witmer visits one Asok community and reports on the impact this movement has had.






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The USDA is currently soliciting comments on proposed minimum standards for livestock and meat industry claims such as “grass fed.” Help push them to set a meaningful minimum standards by using our email form.

Answers to your questions about the Organic Price Index™
We’ve received over 800 questions and comments from readers. This week we respond to the dozens of questions we’ve received about the New Farm® Organic Price Index™. Your observations were informed, insightful … and pretty darn challenging, especially when it came to organic grain prices.

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Our international readership has climbed from 9 to 13 percent in the past month. To celebrate, we’ve not only added the new international articles listed above. We’ve also given them a better home. Check it out.

News & research
Packaging zaps salad mix nutrients … pork checkoff update … food security issues … and more.


Action alert

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