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Things are heating up ...


Hi. Lots of new stories and features are coming in the next 4 weeks: Life without subsidies, New Zealand-style ... profitability through season extension ... buidling your first greenhouse ... "organic" life in Kenya, Cuba, Australia, England and Switzerland ... discussion forums ... free classifieds ... CSA journals from California and Wisconsin ... and so much more. For a complete list of upcoming features, click here.

And thanks to the over 1600 people who have written in with questions and comments. We'll continue to answer your letters as quickly as we can. Coming on Monday the 17th: our response to your heated letters regarding organic grain prices on the OPX™.

Fresh today from The New Farm

8 basic principles of successful crop rotations
In her Letter from NY, Mary-Howell Martens talks about how to plan rotations that fit the needs of your soil and your farm's profitability. Bonus: She offers a page of new crop and crop mix ideas.

Letter from NY

Jason's global organic odyssey
Jason Witmer and his cousin Derek, two young world travelers, are visiting and working on organic farms from Thailand to Europe. First stop was Thailand and Jon Jandai -- innovative farmer, builder and sustainable man of leisure. Then, on to Laos and "Mr. T," a visionary silk farmer organic grower, teacher and restaurateur.

Thailand's Jon Jandai
Laos' Mr. T

Why hoophouses are a good beginning
for a first-time farmer
25-year-old Don Devault makes a case for a greenhouse as an intensive learning lab for beginning farmers that can make you money, too.

Hoophouse dreams


George ponders the big question: How much land?
Long-time New Farm magazine editor and now columnist George Devault agrees with Abraham Lincoln: too much land can be a financial and agronomic disaster. Also from George: essential equipment for a market gardener, and 14 myths about modern farming.


How much land?

Essential equipment

14 myths


Pesticides and human health
Jeff Moyer, The Institute's farm manager, summarizes a recent meeting of our research advisory team. The new focus of our research, working with Dr. Warren Porter and Dr. Elizabeth Guillette, will be targeted at proving scientifically what we already suspect . . . that humans, especially children, suffer the tragic consequences of our ag chemical use.


Farm chemicals
& human health




  • Alan Guebert's The Final Word: smelly starlink settlement & suited up for checkoff challenges
  • Our burdened bodies: 80,000 chemicals are present each day in our environment. How do they affect us, and our children -- in what combinations, at what doses, for how long, asks Beth Sawin of the Sustainability Institute?
  • E-letters to the e-editors: Our first batch of responses to your outstanding letters. Thanks again for the support.
  • New answers to your certification questions: Our answer team responds to your questions about potted plants, buffer strips, organic pullets and more.
  • Act now! Fight the organic grain rider
    that weakens organic standards by sending an easy email letter to your congressional reps.
  • Opening doors to large markets for small farmers: The heads of Sysco Corp. and Red Tomato say the challenge is to strengthen marketing channels, build a supply chain… and tell the farmer’s story well.
  • Dairy update: Recent news from Vermont and New York


Final Word

Burdened bodies


Certification questions

Act now!

Opening doors

Dairy update

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