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A New Farm® for the New Year!

  Hi. I know it’s been a while since our last newsletter but we at New Farm® have been very busy putting together a lot of great new ideas and information for you in 2003! We are debuting two new monthly columns, Specialty Cut Flower Corner and Nuts & Bolts & Dreams, along with more profiles of successful farmers, a new partnership with an organization focusing on small scale organic farming in Japan and an ambitious project to bring you our 1000 “must read” books on food and agriculture. We are also planning to add an interactive calendar of field days, farm expos and other national and local events that may be of interest to our readers.

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Fresh today from The New Farm®

Specialty Cut Flower Corner
Living on flower power, Melanie DeVault, a former newspaper reporter and cut flower specialist, shares her secrets to becoming a successful “flower lady”. Discover the best outlets for your flower needs, get advice from the real experts (the growers) and learn what’s hot in cut flowers. She’ll walk you through the growing process, answer your questions and tell you where to go for the best information.
January 2003: Becoming a "flower lady"
This month Melanie talks about finding your niche, the questions that need to be asked and answered before the first seed is ever planted and where to find the best seed catalogs online.

Becoming a "flower lady"

Nuts & Bolts & Dreams
A beginner's guide to farming written by the DeVault's, family that knows its stuff. Featuring the who, what, when, where, and why of getting started, this ongoing column provides practical advice, information, inspiration and a good dose of eye-opening humor.
January 2003: Finding the right information
Knowing what to do and who to believe means the difference between success and failure. Melanie, Don and George tell you how to find the right information.
New farm dreams DO come true:
New Farm® columnists Melanie and George Devault tell their own story.

Finding the right information

New farm dreams DO come true

Be a Price Maker with The New Farm® OPX™

For way too long, farmers of all stripes of have been price takers instead of price makers. The New Farm® Organic Price Index ™ (OPX) is giving organic growers a powerful new tool to make the most of their high-quality growing practices. The index–debuting Feb. 11–will publicize weekly price up-dates of organic prices for a range of goods along side conventional prices in the same region.
  The Organic Price Index™

Regenerating Success

It takes more than a vision, a business plan and a persistent urge to make significant changes in agriculture. It takes the confidence to overcome inertia, doubt, fear and social pressure. Read the stories of 1000 farmers who believed changing the world was worth the risk and succeeded.

  1000 Stories of Regenerative Agriculture

Certifiably Organic
New Farm® has assembled a team of experts to sort through the requirements and answer your questions on the National Organic Standards so you can become certified organic without going certifiably insane.

  Certification Help

More from the Marketplace . . .

Scientist Ray Weil Says Stop Killing Your Soil: Soil scientist Ray Weil tells farmers how to build soil quality without putting production on hold.
How to Raise Happy Hogs: A trip to Sweden provides the answer to a dilemma: How to maintain a philosophy of humane treatment of animals and still run a profitable farm operation?
New Farm® partners with Japan: The New Farm® and Japan's Shinji Shumeikai Organization join together to solve the challenges facing all small scale farmers.
Different Location, Same Struggle: Consumer support key to survival of small scale organic farmers in Japan.
Forging Farmer-Chef Relations in the Bay Area: Farmers and chefs share their insights into the secrets of building satisfying and successful relationships.    
Simple, Complex and Raw: The amazing success of Organic Pastures Dairy "pro-cow" environment and their pathogen-free raw milk.    
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