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World's Largest Manure into Methane Plant to be in Texas
Sep. 6, 2005

Environmental Power Corporation and its subsidiary, Microgy, Inc., have begun construction on a multi-digester biogas production and gas conditioning facility to be known as the Huckabay Ridge facility, located near Stephenville, TX. Microgy will design, construct, own and operate the facility.

The contemplated project will entail the construction of eight 916,000-gallon digesters, sufficient to process the manure from up to 10,000 cows. The facility is expected to produce an aggregate of one billion cubic feet of biogas per year with an energy content of 650,000 million BTU (equivalent to approximately 12,700 gallons per day of heating oil). The gas is to be treated and compressed to produce and deliver pipeline-grade methane that will be sold as a commodity directly into a nearby natural gas pipeline. The facility is to be located adjacent to Producers Compost Incorporated (PCI), a composting site that receives manure from over 20,000 cows. Microgy has signed an agreement with PCI providing Microgy with the exclusive right to source all the manure required by the project from the composting facility.

Completion of construction of the Huckabay Ridge facility is subject to the securing of additional financing by Environmental Power Corporation or Microgy. No commitments for such financing are yet in place.

Kam Tejwani, chief executive officer of Environmental Power Corporation, stated, "This is a significant step forward for our company on several fronts. The interconnection to a natural gas pipeline will be a first for us, and will open new doors for the development of reliable, non-subsidized clean energy projects across the country. We believe that this project will cement our position as a leader in the emerging marketplace for clean, renewable energy that is cost-effective, secure and reliable."

Randall Hull, president of Microgy, added, "We believe this will be the largest facility of its type in the world, allowing for significant economies of scale. In addition, this is our first foray into the large Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations market (animal feeding operations with at least 1,000 animal units) in the Southwest region of the country. This market has significant potential, and we are actively evaluating a number of other potential projects of similar scope."

SOURCE: Environmental Power Corporation

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