Food provider's new policy: pass on antibiotic raised pigs

August 5, 2005: Food service provider Compass Group is taking a preemptive step in ebbing the flow of antibiotics into the food supply by stipulating new drug usage levels to its processors.

Working with Smithfield Foods Inc., the nation’s leading pork processor, and the nonprofit group Environmental Defense a new policy was laid out in which the corporate caterer refused to purchase pork if the pigs were fed antibiotics approved for human use as growth promoters. Banned antibiotics include penicillin, erythromycin, oxytetracycline and sulfamethazine.

The announcement comes on the heals of the Food and Drug Administration’s Baytril ban for use in poultry and an increasingly serious concern of antibiotic resistance in humans. The Baytrill ban is the first of its kind for the livestock industry.

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