US seeks $1.8bn for losses caused by EU GM ban

April 28, 2004, as reported by The U.S. government has again gone to the World Trade Organization over the European Union ban on genetically modified crops-- this time looking for compensation. In the government’s estimation the EU’s ban has cost the U.S. ag industry $1.8bn in loss of exports and they want it back.

To recoup the funds the United States has filed a compensation claim with the WTO essentially suing the EU for damages caused by the GM moratorium. The compensation claim hinges on an earlier claim filed with the WTO that charged the EU with breaking trade rules by imposing banning the GM products without scientific evidence, the Guardian reported.

The US has claimed the EU’s biotech policy has led to the US losing $300m per year in lost maize exports.The ban has been in place since 1998.

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