Years of research produce bigger, heavier bagel peach

April 20, 2004, as reported by More than 10 years of plant breeding in California have produced a new gourmet peach called the Galaxy that US scientists claims looks like a New York bagel.

Geneticist David W. Ramming from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service developed the exotic “big” peach, which is squat and round in appearance. Ramming said the Galaxy has a white-peach aroma and is impressive in size.

“It’s about 3 inches across. And it’s hefty…each weigh about a third of a pound,” he said.
Parent stock includes a nectarine and a smaller doughnut-shaped peach. Galaxy has now been offered to growers and breeders, and is suitable for both commercial and backyard use. More than 33,000 buds for grafting to familiar rootstocks have been distributed.

For details and a photo of this “peento” type peach, see:

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