Second edition of The Non-GMO Sourcebook is released

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2002, CropChoice News -- This is a press release from the Non-GMO Source.

The second edition of The Non-GMO Sourcebook is bigger and better with over 140 more listings. Published annually, The Non-GMO Sourcebook is the essential guide to suppliers of non-GMO seed, grains, ingredients, and food products.

Better organized
In addition to more listings, The 2003 Non-GMO Sourcebook features other improvements:

  • Better organization. Companies are listed according to categories, such as seed suppliers, grain suppliers, grain processors, ingredient suppliers, and food manufacturers.
  • Quick Reference Guide makes it easy to locate suppliers of specific non-GMO ingredients.
  • 10 tips for sourcing non-GMO ingredients. The Non-GMO Sourcebook is the first publication to provide a comprehensive list of suppliers of non-GMO products, from "seed to shelf." As genetically modified crops continue to be grown in North America and other regions, food producers are increasingly concerned about the availability of non-GMO supplies to meet consumer demands.

Features many organic suppliers
The Sourcebook enables all segments of the food production chain, from farmers to retailers, to find non-GMO supplies. Suppliers listed include seed companies, farmers, grain suppliers and exporters, processors and millers, ingredient suppliers, and product manufacturers. The majority of suppliers listed are based in North America, but a growing number of international companies are included. Many suppliers of organic products are included.

In addition, The Non-GMO Sourcebook lists GMO testing labs and test kit manufacturers, experts in identity preservation, organic certification, and other consultants.

Published annually
The Non-GMO Sourcebook is published each year by Writing Solutions, Inc., which also publishes The Non-GMO Source monthly newsletter.

Subscribers to The Non-GMO Source newsletter receive The Non-GMO Sourcebook as a free bonus.
Individuals can order The 2003 Non-GMO Sourcebook for US $49 by phone: +1.641.472.1491, email:, or online at

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