Canada organic—Can you define that, please?

January 10, 2005, Guelph Mercury/Agnet: Canada’s organic industry is suffering for a lack of official seal, members of the billion-dollar industry say. It seems many companies are hoping to benefit from the increased interest in organic products unfortunately not all of them are organic.

"They're riding the coattails of the organic industry and boy are they getting a good ride,” Wallace Hamm, a general manager of Organic Crop Producers & Processors Inc., was quoted as saying. “The term is definitely being abused."

While the problem may be solved if the long awaited Canadian organic seal comes in 2005 as expected, many in the industry hope the creditability of the industry has not been jeopardized by then.

The discussion on the problem of so-called "eco-labels" as well as the new organic standards will be taken on by a team of exports at the 2005 Organic Conference at the University of Guelph. One of the top visited lectures at last years conference organizers are hoping for another strong turn out this year.

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