DON LOTTER IN LATIN AMERICA: A collection of earlier reports

Letter from Highland Guatemala
26 years later: How has farming changed
for one Mayan family?

Don Lotter returns to the Catu family after 26 years to find that much remains the same in the highland corn culture of Comelapa, Guatemala

The price, processing and production challenges
of growing coffee profitably & sustainably in Guatemala

Don Lotter visited three midsized shade-grown plantations and a variety of small growers. He found that many of the innovations in growing and processing coffee are coming from the medium scale certified growers.

Reflections on Cuba ... and the rest of Latin America
Despite its dismal commercial sector and well-documented tyrannies, Cuba is remarkably free of the violence, poverty and lack of education that plague Guatemala, Haiti and other countries in Latin America. As an example, Cuba offers real hope for the rest of the region.

Out of the ashes of the coffee crash, Costa Rican organic is born
Costa Rica is home to a growing number of organic farmers who are selling both locally and internationally ... and it’s home to first-rate institutions investigating solutions to pest, disease and nutrient problems in organic tropical systems. Don Lotter takes you on a tour of organic farming coops and research institutions.

TALKING SHOP: Havana, Cuba
Cuba's 5th conference on organic agriculture features the fruits of a decade-long focus on organic
Better biological pest controls, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, multi-use plows, new intercropping techniques ... necessity (and high-level government commitment) has inspired dozens of exciting new developments in organic production.

TRANSCONTINENTAL FARM TOUR: Crossing Canada with Don Lotter

When it comes to organized support for CSAs, Canadians have a thing or two to teach us, don’t cha know?
The D-Trois-Pierres CSA, outside of Montreal, Quebec, is part of a well-organized network of around 70 farms that are actively promoted and supported by Equiterre, a Quebec-based organization that champions sustainability and fair trade worldwide.

Hemp heaven… and hell: A story in two parts
Part 1: Industrial hemp’s benefits as fiber, oilseed and as food vs. barriers in U.S. production
Part 2: Conventional and organic hempseed growers make a go of it in Manitoba, Canad

The good life of a small-scale Ontario dairy farmer depends on being part of a dynamic coop
Odelia Osthaus likes her herd at its current size. She likes the life she and her children lead. … and the savvy marketing and smart management of the OntarBio organic farmers’ coop make it all possible.

Three generations of cereal farmers in Saskatchewan grow organically on 3000 acres
Small by Saskatchewan conventional farming standards, the Bodera farm is large for an organic farm in the region. Father, son and grandson have been growing flax, wheat, barley, oats and mustard organically since 1989.