Britain’s NFU’s new office will have wool in the rafters

Posted September 12, 2005: It is only fitting the roof of the new headquarters for one of the UK’s leading farm organizations will be made of wool. According to an announcement by Second Nature, the UK’s leading supplier of natural wool insulation, its Thermafleece insulation will be used in the new National Farmers Union Headquarters building at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

The equivalent of 3,000 sheep’s fleeces will be used in the roof of the two-storey office block designed to minimize energy consumption and maximize the use of sustainable building materials. The designers were looking for an insulation material that was friendly to the environment and wool, because of its ability to rapidly absorb and release water vapor, helps keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter reducing energy costs. In addition “Thermafleece” uses only 14% of the embodied energy that is used to manufacture fiber glass insulation and contains no permethrin, pyrethroids, pesticides or formaldehydes.

Tim Bennett, President of the NFU, explained the wool-based insulation was a natural choice for the organization because, not only is it energy efficient, it supports local farmers.

The NFU plans to re-locate from its central London headquarters to the new building when construction is complete this autumn.