New vegetable options for fussy kids

Posted May 17, 2005: Children have a new choice when it comes to eating their vegetables—ice cream. Fresh Daisy, a UK-based organic frozen baby food company, is introducing a line of vegetable ice creams and frozen yogurts. Recipe creator, Bruce Hudson, hopes a familiar treat, bright colors and tantalizing flavors such as pea, carrots and orange, and parsnip and pear will win over fussy eaters.

"When babies get to one-year-old they are not prepared to try any thing new. Parents need to get them on vegetables early. We thought of introducing the more difficult things like broccoli and cabbage into ice-cream.,” Hudson was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying, “If you say to children it's purple or green ice-cream it's easier to get them to eat it than straight forward cabbage or broccoli."

According to company reps initial tests have been positive and at least one mom is confirming success with the pea, parsnip and pear, and carrot and orange but the verdict is still out on the cabbage. “It’s a great color for an ice cream, but it’s a strong taste,” she is quoted as saying.