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Sustainable Practices 2005
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April 15, 2005

Kyoto Prefecture Introduces “Wood Mileage” CO2 Certification System. The Kyoto Prefecture in Japan announced in December that it has established implementation guidelines for a special certification system of locally produced lumber. It is the result of a government project aimed at expanding the use of wood-mileage certified timber. Wood-mileage is an indicator calculated by multiplying the volume of wood utilized, for example, in construction by the distance the wood is transported from harvest to final use. A designated accreditation organization will issue certificates of Kyoto sourced wood and accounting statements of wood-mileage CO2 emissions for timber that has been grown, processed and distributed by local enterprises. The aim is to highlight the need to reduce CO2 emissions from transport of wood from distant sources. (Japan for Sustainability, January 11, 2005, http://www.japanfs.org/db/database.cgi?cmd=dp&num=932&UserNum=&Pass=&AdminPass=&dp=data_e.html

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