From farm to trash—UK pitches one-third of its food

April 14, 2005 as reported by Fears of food safety and an aversion to leftovers has led to UK consumers throwing away about a third of the food grown for human consumption. According to the BBC program ‘Costing the Earth,’ that by each tossing £420 (US$793) in food a year UK consumers are helping wastage to increase by 15% every decade.

According to BBC rural affairs correspondent Tom Heap the phenomenon canned be explained by looking at increases in eating out—the restaurant industry throws away one third of what they buy-- and the consumers increased need for aesthetically pleasing foods. Heap said a lot of food does not meat the demands for "pristine looking" produce and never leaves the farm gate.

Also lack of time or knowledge to use up leftovers is also to blame for increasing food wastage. Observers say scares over food safety means people bin food too readily, the BBC said.

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