School lunch crusade catches Blair’s attention

March 25, 2005: UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced a new ‘organic and local’ priority for school lunches.

The new plan, which will seek to swap junk food with healthy local and organic alternatives, was pushed forward by a lot of increasingly concerned and vocal parents, including one famous father with a real food connection.

UK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and father of two started the Feed Me Better Campaign, which has already collected 200,000 signatures, after trying to change the school menus at a Greenwich, south-east London, school. The entire process was documented in a TV series titled Jamie's School Dinners.

In response to the campaign the uproar caused by the program, the Prime Minister has ordered school kitchens rebuilt, cupboards stocked with proper utensils and cafeteria workers trained in the culinary arts so meals can be cooked fresh.

Funding for the projects will come out of the £9.4 billion allocated for primary school building program, according to a statement by Mr. Blair.

Excerpted from an article in The Observer, read the complete story online at:,2763,1441965,00.html