Food tour highlights dangers of irradiation

Posted December 17, 2004 (Organic Food Quality News Nov/Dec 2004) In the National Food Irradiation tour that traveled through Australia presenters touted the concerns over the safety of irradiated foods.

"The negative health effects that irradiated foods have had on lab animals are well documented,” Wenonah Hauter, Director of the Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program is quoted in Organic Food Quality News as saying. According to Ms. Hauter these include premature death, mutations, fetal death and other reproductive problems, immune system disorders, internal bleeding, organ damage, tumors, stunted growth and nutritional deficiencies. "The World Health Organization has ignored a vast amount of research suggesting that irradiated foods are not safe for human consumption," she said.

The presentations also called criticized the nutritional value of irradiated foods claiming irradiation damages the nutrimental content of foods.

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