Taiwanese company adds organic delivery option

November 24, 2003, organic-research.com/China Post: Shen Yen Corporation will launch an organic home delivery service, reports the China Post. The plan is to have weekly deliveries of organic vegetables, fruit and meat, said Lin Hsu-ming, chief executive of the Shen Yen northern operations center. In order to fulfill the orders Shen Yen has teamed with 100 organic farms in northern Taiwan.

The service will run subscribers NT$1,500, NT$3,000, NT$4,500 or NT$6,000 a month for a box of food depending on which option they choose. The price of the organic food box is higher than that for conventional food, but Lin hopes that the discerning customer will not be put off.

Shen Yen, headquartered in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan, has about 4,000 members in Taiwan. It has three other operation centers in Chungli, Taichung and Tainan.

Shen Yen is just the latest of a string of Taiwanese companies, including Uni-President Group, Formosa Group, I-Mei Foods Corp. and Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Co., to jump into the organic market.