Organic tropical fruit production economic opportunity for developing nations

By Keith Nuthall

November 20, 2003, The United Nations Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has outlined organic fruit production as an area of economic opportunity for developing countries.

A detailed report released by the Conference says that demand for organic produce is expected to grow 10-30% over the next five-to-ten years. As a result reps are urging developing nations to take advantage of this growing industry and focus their efforts on meeting future demands of these potentially lucrative export markets of the industrialized world.

However, developing countries currently face serious difficulties in meeting technical requirements of importing countries. So, the report recommends that developing countries implement food quality and safety programs and try to conform to regulatory and market requirements.

It includes detailed advice on organically producing guavas, lychees, avocados, aubergines and watermelons. To find out more click here.