In Australia, organic contamination or old information?
Recent report reveals pesticide contamination found in organic products; Organic sector argues claims based on old information

November 3, 2003, Australian officials found products being sold as organic, many times under the “certified organic” label, contained pesticide residues equal to those of conventionally grown foods, according to a recent report put out by the Food Standards Australia.

The tests were conducted by health department officials. Queensland Health examined 96 organic products both imported and locally made. Pesticide residue, some for pesticides banned in all food, was found in 15 percent of the products tested, of which 78 percent had been "certified organic".

Andy Monk, chief executive of Biological Farmers of Australia, which runs the largest Certified Organic program said the Queensland report was based on testing done two years ago, and a more recent Victorian survey had given an almost clean bill of health to the industry.