More mums choosing only organic for their babies

Thatcham, Berkshire, UK, September 29, 2003 /PRNewswire: Feeding your baby organically still remains the most popular choice for nearly half of Britain's moms Hipp Organic baby foods announced this week. According to UK's FSA, research shows that over 46%(1) of mothers, including prominent celebrity mums such as Claudia Schiffer, still prefer to feed their babies a diet that is certain to be free from harmful chemical residues such as pesticides and fertilisers. That is more than double the amount three years ago.

"I am a big fan of anything organic. Especially during my pregnancy I concentrated on eating only organic food" says Claudia, mother to baby Caspar. "This has now become part of my life philosophy, for me and my baby".

Babies systems are not yet fully developed so they can be more vulnerable to any unwanted chemicals in their diets.