Organic food grows in popularity in Czech Republic

September 19, 2003, Sales for organic food in the Czech Republic have been growing at an astounding 25-30% annually over the last three years, reports a Czech marketing company. "Last year turnover on the organic food market moved between CZK150m and CZK200m (US$5.3m-7.0m), of which exports accounted for around one fifth," Tomas Vaclavik, of Green marketing, was quoted by CTK Business News as saying.

According to company estimates, the majority of organic food, 55%, is sold in the Czech Republic is sold in supermarkets. Organic food can also be purchased in specialty shops, 25%, independent food retailers, 10% or directly from the farm, 8%.

At the end of 2002, the country had around 235,000 hectares of organically farmed land, accounting for 5.5% of all farming land.

Source Date: 19 September 2003