Café Revive first UK coffee chain to serve 100% fair-trade

September 10, 2004, as reported by Marks & Spencer, a leading UK clothing retailer has announced it will only brew certified fair-trade coffee in its nearly 200 Café Revives coffee shops. The Fairtrade Foundation said it is delighted with the move, which makes Café Revive the first-ever UK chain of coffee shops to serve 100% Fairtrade coffee.

The Café Revive coffee will come from Fairtrade Mark certified producer organizations in Ethiopia, Honduras, Peru, Sumatra (Indonesia), and Tanzania. The Fairtrade initiative ensures smallholder growers receive a fair price for their coffee.

“In the same way that we changed to using only free range eggs in all our products, we are switching to Fairtrade coffee in response to demand from our customers,” said David Gregory, head of food technology at Marks & Spencer.

According to M&S, Café Revive is the third largest coffee shop chain in the UK, after Starbucks and Costa. The Fairtrade Foundation estimates that the introduction of Fairtrade coffee into Café Revive will grow the overall volume of Fairtrade roast and ground coffee sold in the UK by approximately 14%.