Russia agrees to uninterupted veterninary trade with EU

September 3, 2004, as reported by The exporting of live animals and animal products between the EU and Russia will continue without interruption thanks to the introduction of uniform veterinary trade certificates. Trade was under the threat of being discontinued Russia as a measure to stop the spread of disease.

Russia blocked all such exports on June 1 but had lifted this ban until October 1 to allow discussions to take place. The agreement on uniform veterinary trade certificates makes the October deadline void.

As part of the agreement Russia will implement a set of uniform veterinary certificates to be used by all EU Member States exporting to Russia. These new certificates will be applicable as of October 1 whilst the existing ones will phase out until the end of the year.

The certificates will be annually reviewed taking into account the development of the animal disease situation in the EU and new scientific data.

In addition, Russia has accepted the principle of “regionalization”, so that an animal disease outbreak in part of one Member State will not block exports from the whole of that country nor from the rest of the EU.

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