India reveals National Institute devoted to organic farming

October 1, 2003, Swineetha Dias Wickramanayaka/ India will open a National Institute of Organic farming later this month according to the country’s ministry of agriculture. The institute strengthens India’s position on the importance of organic farming to the future of Indian agriculture. The government has already shackled the institute with the weighty responsibility of developing organic production for the domestic market.

In addition to facilitating domestic organic markets, the Institute, which is scheduled to be operational by the end of October, will be responsible for coordinating the promotion of organic production in India, training, setting organic standards and organizing a system of certification. The Indian government has earmarked Rs1bn (US $22m) for the project.

In a statement to a symposium on organic farming, the ministry added that the “initial infrastructure” for the institute was ready and that India’s National Bio Fertilizer Development Center would be rolled into the new organization.