Results of UK gm farm-trials expected next month

September 15, 2003, Results from the UK’s farm-scale trials of genetically modified crops are set to be released next month, according to agricultural officials.

The long-awaited results will be made available to the public October 16. Government officials are expected to use the results as the basis for their decision on whether or not to allow the commercial growing of GM crops in the UK, reported Reuters.

"The scientists who carried out the farm-scale evaluations of the three spring grown crops - maize, (sugar) beet and oilseed rape - have written up the results of a series of scientific papers," agriculture officials said.

Eight scientific papers, each considering the effects of GM crops on the environment, are to be passed on to the government’s GM think-tank, ACRE.

ACRE will then make its recommendations to the government, but only after ACRE has held two open meetings scheduled for 27 November and 4 December.