Brazilian court reimposes ban on transgenic soy

BRASILIA, Brazil, September 10, 2003 -- CropChoice news -- Reuters, 09/09/03: A Brazilian court this week knocked down a ruling that lifted a ban on the planting and sale of Monsanto Co. transgenic soy, after an appeal by Greenpeace and other groups that oppose its use. The federal appeals court in the nation's capital Brasilia suspended an August ruling by a federal judge that temporarily lifted a long-standing injunction blocking Monsanto from selling GM Roundup Ready soybeans in Brazil.

A final decision on the use and sale of GM soy in Brazil has yet to be made. The debate on the issue continues in the nation's legal system.

Brazil's government wants to clarify regulatory law on GM crops before the planting of the next harvest in October.

Brazil is the last agricultural heavyweight in the world to ban the commercial use of GM crops and foods, although soy farmers in the south ignore the ban and plant GM soy smuggled in from Argentina where it is widely planted.

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