Venezuela's land reform hopes to make 500,000 new landowners

By Humberto Márquez

CARACAS, Venezuela, September 1, 2003 (IPS): On Sunday, President Hugo Chávez visited the farming town of Cubiro in west-central Venezuela, where another 212,911 hectares were distributed to 10,263 families, and 3.5 million dollars in loans were made available to small farmers. In addition, 19 tractors were delivered to 62 agricultural cooperatives.

The Venezuelan government has distributed a total of one million hectares to 41,000 families in seven months. The five-year goal of the land reform program is to settle 500,000 families on 10 million hectares. Venezuela which suffers from one of the most off-balanced land distrution in South America is trying to bring the ends closer to the middle but not everyone is excited by the progam, agribusiness and large landholders have been more then vocal in their opposition. MORE>

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