Agency questions its own report on GM crops

August 23, 2004 -- CropChoice news -- IPS, 08/18/04: The French food security agency AFSSA highlighted the benefits of transgenic crops in a study it did, but the report was met with skepticism by many scientists. Even AFSSA officials admit their findings are inconclusive, according to an International Press Service article.

The report said genetically modified crops can reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides but chose their words carefully when talking about the downsides.

"It is very difficult to state whether the positive effects would be guaranteed or widespread," said the report, which was published in July.

Biochemist Maxime Schwartz, director of the AFSSA research team, said in the article it is difficult to know if GM crops will benefit humans in the long-term.

"In general, GM crops pose potential benefits in theory, but it has not been definitively proven," he said. "For this reason, it is essential to continue the research."

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