Zimbabwe will need $885 for agriculture reform

August 1, 2003, www.allafrica.com -- Zimbabwe Independent:Government officials in Zimbabwe have announced they will need $885 billion to repair the agricultural production that has been destroyed by chaotic land reform.

The announcement came this week as President Robert Mugabe ordered top government and Zanu PF members, military, police and intelligence officers, war veterans and senior civil servants with more than one farm to surrender the extra properties within two weeks. The government is beginning a massive reverse land takeover to correct anomalies created by farm seizures in the past three years.

Finance minister Herbert Murewa approached the food-aid community last week for help funding the crop and livestock restoration programs. The estimated $884.6 billion needed is over $100 billion more than the country's entire national budget for last year.

Read the complete story: http://allafrica.com/stories/200308010432.html

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