Olive Trees Keep Hope Alive

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Contact the Kashmir Institute of National Development (KIND), Village Chhatar Klas, P.O. Kullian, Dist. Muzaffarabad, Account # 8741-7, National Bank of Pakistan, Muzaffarabad AJK Pakistan.

CHHATAR KLAS, Pakistan, July 28, 2003 (ENS): The Kashmir Institute of National Development (KIND) and the Society for Advancement of Women (SAW) have initiated a campaign to replant olive trees from areas where they have been cut, for whatever reason. The campaign aims to keep hope alive within poor rural communities throughout the conflict area between Pakistan and India.

An area along the River Jhelum in Kashmir was once the highly protected prize habitat of olive trees. The trees cultivated in a strip 30 kilometers long and four kilometers deep were destroyed, but a wild species, known locally as kahu, exists in abundance.

The goal of this campaign is to replant 5,000 olive trees along this belt with the sponsorship of KIND and SAW, as well as mosques and other groups and individuals around the world. Through replanting olive trees, the people will be encouraged to keep hope alive and to reaffirm their commitment to work constructively toward building peace, the Kashmir Institute of National Development said in a statement announcing the campaign.

Workers from KIND and SAW are beginning the first planting season in August and September with technical support from National Research Center of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and the Pakistan Oilseed Board.

The planting is part of a worldwide campaign to revive olive plantations, as the "olive branch is not only considered as sign of peace but the olive products are highly aspired by rich and poor alike. They bring stability to rural economy," KIND said.

The campaign is asking sponsors to contribute US$20 which covers the cost of the young plant, distribution, planting, and information for farmers on the best techniques for olive tree care and production improvement.

The cost also covers an official certificate, a sponsor label to be inscribed with the sponsor’s name, and every sponsor will receive a certificate indicating the location of the tree.


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