EC may challenge Austrian and Grecian bans on GM foods

July 30, 2004, as reported by Membership may have its benefits but it may also have its restrictions as Austria and Greece may soon find out. Both countries currently have bans in place that block the sale of European Union (EU) market approved genetically modified food products but these bans may soon be overturned if the European Commission (EC) determines member countries do not have the legal right to block the sale of these products.

The decision was opened to legal challenge by the European Commission after a ruling by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) determined the GM ban was not based on “new scientific evidence, in terms of risk to human health and the environment.”

Austria has on three occasions blocked the use and sale in its territory of EU-approved GM maize Bt176, MON 810 and T25, and Greece has announced a long term ban on selling and using (similarly approved) GM spring oilseed rape Topas 19/2.